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“Chronicle of a Traveling Theory”

In October 2015 I published “Chronicle of a Traveling Theory” in Mass Effect: Art and the Internet in the Twenty-First Century (MIT Press), edited by Lauren Cornell and Ed Halter. The essay discusses on how International Art English became a byword for the devolution of the language of criticism in the globalized, Internet-addled art world. On December 21, 2015, the […]

My Life as a Man

In January 2015, I published a prose poem called “Sgt. Star” in My Life as a Man (Horses Think Press), an artist book by Carmen Winant. The book also includes contributions by Matthew Brannon, Moyra Davey, Courtney Fiske, Jim Fletcher, Kenneth Goldsmith, Jonathan Griffin, Geoffrey Hilsabeck, Michael Ned Holte, Sarah McMenimen, Anna Livia, Ross Simonini, and John Yau. “Sgt. Star” employs language sourced from […]

“Surround Audience”

In February 2015, I published “Reality Formatting” in the catalogue for the New Museum’s 2015 Triennial, “Surround Audience,” curated by Lauren Cornell and Ryan Trecartin. The essay focuses on the role of standardization and technologies of mediation in the work of José León Cerrillo, Lawrence Abu Hamdan, and Daniel Steegmann Mangrané. A version of this essay […]

Introduction to “Headless”

In March 2015, Triple Canopy, Sternberg Press, and Tensta Konsthall published Headless, an exhilarating murder-mystery by the elusive K. D. I wrote the introduction to the novel, which probes the sordid secrets and sinister deeds of powerful financiers who use Caribbean firms to conceal their fortunes. (My introduction previously appeared in Triple Canopy as “Headless Commercial Thriller.”) […]

Somewhere in Between the Jurisdiction of Time

In September 2014, my conversation with artist David Horvitz was included in his postcard publication Somewhere Between the Jurisdiction of Time, published by Art in America on the occasion of the NY Art Book Fair. The conversation covers the standardization of time, the tyranny of the hourglass, the dislocation of meridians, and the purpose of Swiss church bells. Click here […]