Dear Future Reader (View Contents of Folder)

For the exhibition “Publishing as an Artistic Toolbox: 1989–2017,” on view at Kunsthalle Wien (Vienna) from November 3, 2017, until January 28, 2018, Triple Canopy was commissioned to make Dear Future Reader (View Contents of Folder). The video, shot at New York University’s Fales Library & Special Collections, is a message from an archivist. He explains contemporary publications to the future reader, given the potential that, decades or centuries ago, screen-based devices may have been replaced by biological computers, the English language (or even writing) may have become obsolete, paper may have been superseded by holograms, and alcohol and song may have been banished. Dear Future Reader (View Contents of Folder), which I worked on with C. Spencer Yeh and Jessica Y Lee, is now viewable as a digital project on Triple Canopy’s website.