Universal Time (Tiempo Universal)


Between October 2014 and March 2015, Triple Canopy collaborated with several Mexico City-based artists, writers, designers, and researchers to organize Universal Time (Tiempo Universal), a seminar on publication as a means of producing and distributing knowledge, as a site for the translation of texts and contexts. Universal Time (Tiempo Universal) was organized in collaboration with José León Cerrillo, and participants included José Arnaud-Bello, Sofía Broid, Mario Ballesteros, Maru Calva, Pía Camil, María Paz Amaro Cavada, Juan Caloca, Cráter Invertido, Juan Arturo García, Gabriela Jauregui, and Mauricio Marcin. Universal Time (Tiempo Universal) was made possible by a generous grant from Fundación Jumex Arte Contemporáneo and was graciously hosted and supported by Fundación Alumnos47.