“GlblVlgIdiot Annual Report 2014”

"GlblVlgIdiot Annual Report 2014," Art in America, November 2014, p. 145.

“GlblVlgIdiot Annual Report 2014,” Art in America, November 2014, p. 145.

In the September 2014 issue of Art in America, I published “GlblVlgIdiot Annual Report 2014,” a portfolio that adapts for the page a performance created with author Joshua Cohen and artist Jon Kessler. Click here for the PDF. More information about the performance, Introducing the Web, which examines the techno-utopian language and libertarian endgame of Silicon Valley and was presented at the Swiss Institute in New York and Museum Tinguely in Basel, can be found here. An online version of the portfolio was published by Art in America in June 2015.